Melanoma Malignant : Understanding, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Friday, 31 August 2018

Melanoma Malignant : Understanding, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Melanoma Maligna

Melanoma Malignant. Skin cancer melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in the melanocytes, the pigment cells of the skin that serves as producing melanin. This serves melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects the skin from damage. Maligna Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is rare and extremely dangerous. This condition begins from human skin and can spread to other organs in the body. The emergence of new moles or changes in existing moles usually become public sign or melanoma symptoms. This could happen in the rest of the body, but some parts of the body that often have appearances are:
  • Face
  • Hand
  • The back
  • Leg

Melanoma has a irregular shape and more than one color. Moles are afflicted by melanoma can itch and may bleed, moreover, its size can also exceed the normal moles. To distinguish between the normal moles and melanoma.

Melanoma Malignant Sufferers

According to the WHO data, there are about 132,000 melanoma cases appear every year around the world. Each of the 3 cases of cancer found one case of melanoma skin cancer and it is estimated this will continue to increase because of the ozone layer in the sky that keeps thinning. A 10 percent reduction in the ozone layer alone can lead to increased incidence of melanoma skin cancer additional 4500 new cases.

The risk of melanoma is greater strike women aged under 40 years of age. This type of skin cancer can be fatal if not diagnosed in the beginning.

Causes Of Skin Cancer Melanoma Malignant

Melanoma occurs when the skin's pigment cells develop abnormally. Up to now, is not yet known why this occurs. Some people who believed the cause of the rise of melanoma due to skin that is too often exposed to ultraviolet light (UV) natural or artificial. But it turns out that not all people are often exposed to UV being sufferers of melanoma. Researchers are still working to find out the cause. Some factors that are known to be able to increase the chances of contracting melanoma is to have lots of moles or freckles on the skin, pale-skinned and burn easily, have a family member who suffered from melanoma, as well as the red haired or blonde.

Malignant Melanoma Diagnosis

Doctors can diagnose maligna melanoma after doing a physical examination. The doctor will refer you to a specialist skin (Dermatology) or plastic surgeon if they think that you are suffering from melanoma. So if you notice any changes in the shape of a mole, soon encountered the doctor.

In most cases, a network of moles that are considered suspicious will be removed by surgery and studied whether cancer has become. This process is known by the term biopsy. As for checking whether the melanoma had already spread to other parts of the body node biopsy procedure, sentinel can also be done.

Malignant Melanoma Treatment

One of the main procedures of treatment of melanoma is surgery, although all types of handling done hanging with your condition. The operation can succeed if the melanoma undiagnosed in initial stages. But, to prevent melanoma appears again, you should undergo follow-up treatments. If melanoma is not undiagnosed until in the most severe, treatment that is done can only slow down the spread of cancer and relieve symptoms that occur. At this stage, it is usually needed medicines, such as chemotherapy.

Reappearance of Melanoma

There is the possibility of melanoma will come back if you have ever suffered from melanoma. If the cancer has already spread and worse, then your risk exposed back will increase.

You might have to do regular checks to monitor health, especially if the team handling your cancer feels that there is a likely melanoma will resurface. How to check if there are tumors in the skin and lymph glands, You will usually be taught by a team of doctors on duty.

Malignant Melanoma Prevention

You can lower your risk of developing melanoma skin exposed so as not to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light, whether natural or artificial, although the occurrence of melanoma is not always preventable. One of prevention of melanoma which is easy to do is to use sunscreen and wear clothes that are equipped to protect skin from the damaging sun exposure.

To increase the success of treatment and in order to be able to get a diagnosis from the beginning, You are advised to check moles and spots on a regular basis. Hopefully useful....



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